"Fire Sale"
"Kiss & Fly" coming soon
"Sitting Still, Talking About Jets"
"Dead Angels Make Slow Sound"
"The Illustrious Daniel Boone: Pioneer Of Social Ingenuity"
live from Schuba's
live mp3 courtesy of DCN
"This Damn Nation"
"Close To Tears"
"I Hope This Makes It Easier For You"
"Folding Chair"
"Shining Jewels" (acoustic)
"Folding Chair" (acoustic)
"Bury Me In The Blue Sea" (acoustic)
live acoustic mp3's courtesy of DCN
"The Planeiac"
"Let's Get Incredible"
"Lie Down On Landsdowne (version)"
"Space Humping $19.99"
"forever surrender 2 u"
"a lonesome 2nite"
"Weak Force"

"Gettin' Sick"

"Dishonest Don Part II"
"Wake Up!"
"Scout's Honor"
"Je Taime"
"Plans For Next Year"
"Three Degrees"
"Everything I Once Had"

"Button Up, Buttercup"
"The Kids Are Taking Aim"

"Rock Music"
"Shaky Sister"
"(It's Gonna Take) More Than A Kiss"
"Mercury Retrograde"
"Ape Town"