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09.20.03 Check out MTV's new commercial featuring "Confess!" on the air right now! (it's the one with the girl telling it like it is at the middle school talent show).

09.04.03 Vitt in Under The Radar.

07.17.03 Kitty Magik understands "deserted music".

06.16.03 Franklin Bruno reviews "deserted music" in CMJ Monthly here.

06.05.03 "deserted music" reviewed in The Noise.

05.01.03 Eamonn interviewed in the Boston Phoenix.

03.26.03 There's a long, wonderful interview with Eamonn in the new Punk Planet. You can't read it online, but... you can go buy it!

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02.12.03 "deserted music" reviewed at

02.12.03 reviews "deserted music" here.

12.02.02 The release date is finally set for "deserted music": February 11, 2003. Look for touring in February, as well!

10.15.02 Eamonn gets interviewed by Canadian magazine Wavelength.

10.01.02 Eamonn gets interviewed by UK magazine Do Something Pretty.

06.25.02 It's not everyday you get a message like this: "Hey, man. It's Eamonn. I hafta get you the artwork... it looks great. Crazy day today. Delivered a baby. That was cool."

05.23.02 It's been a big week for Eamonn. On Monday we mastered his full-length album at Classic Sound with Joe Lambert, and it sounds amazing. And yesterday Eamonn graduated from Med School. He's officially Dr. Vitt now!

09.17.01 Eamonn would like everybody to know that this record was recorded at Semaphore Recording and Fireproof Studios and that Courtney Utt did the artwork.

09.06.01 Eamonn Vitt's debut EP will be the 20th release of The Self-Starter Foundation this Fall!

09.06.01 Eamonn has been in the studio in Chicago and NYC recording his debut EP and album for the last couple of months.

A little over seven years ago, three guys in Boston named Geoff, Gavin, and Eamonn started a band called Karate. In November of 1994, they recorded two songs entitled "Death Kit" and "Nerve" for their debut 7". It came out in January of 1995 as the debut release of The Self-Starter Foundation.

Cut to 2001.

Eamonn left Karate a couple of years ago to start the process of becoming Eamonn Vitt, MD. But just because he's going to be a doctor doesn't mean he doesn't want to play music anymore. He calls up a bunch of friends, holes up in the studio, and records a bunch of songs. Plaintive. Simple. Decidedly American. The songs are good. It's as simple as that. The Self-Starter Foundation is proud to debut another of Eamonn Vitt's musical endeavors.

"Painted" (from "Deserted Music")
"Weak Force" (from "old wave new ride")

"deserted music"
Catalog number: PSP 026
Track listing: click here
Release date: 02.11.03

First full-length by Eamonn Vitt. It's finally finished and it couldn't have come out more beatifully. Nine well-crafted gems make up "deserted music" and it's worth the wait.

"old wave new ride"
Catalog number: PSP 020
Track listing: click here
Release date: 12.04.01

Founding member of Karate steps out with his solo debut. Featuring lots of friends and guests (Fred Erskine from June of 44, Jud Ehrbar of Varnaline, etc.), this 5-song EP filled with acoustic guitars, harmonica, horns, and keyboards is a radical departure from Karate.

No shows currently scheduled.

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