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01.04.02 Pitchfork reviews the Cherubino record here.

04.23.01 Cherubino's debut release will be coming out this summer of The Self-Starter Foundation.

Still very young as a unit, Cherubino are writing songs that don't really allow themselves to be pegged. Truly fun, catchy, and interesting, their decidely un-everything take on good rock songs is refreshing.

"(It's Gonna Take) More Than A Kiss"
"Mercury Retrograde"

Catalog number: PSP 016
Track listing: click here
Release date will be: 10.23.01

The Self-Starter Foundation has a pretty proud history of releasing the debut recordings of some amazing bands (Karate, Les Savy Fav, The Mooney Suzuki, The Apes, etc.) Add Cherubino to that list.

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Here's a shot that the band calls "karen_crazy".