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Photo: Hee Jin Kang

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05.23.03 Sea Ray are the newest member of The Self-Starter Foundation family!

Sea Ray are a 6-piece band from NYC that provide the missing link between the current NYC sound of Interpol, Longwave, and The Stills and the classic songwriting of The Church, The Chills, and Echo And The Bunnymen. A winning combination in our book, that's for sure.


"Stars At Noon"
Catalog number: PSP 027
Track listing: click here
Release date: 10.21.03

Nine songs of beauty and grace.

07.24.04 New York, NY at East River Park w/ Ted Leo & The Pharmacists, The Natural History
08.21.04 New York, NY at Mercury Lounge w/ +/-, The Everyones
10.14.04 Bennington, VT at Downstairs Cafe

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Another photo by Hee Jin Kang