clockwise from top left: Jeff, Rob, Ted, Danny

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01.08.02 John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats reviews the new Haywood record here.

01.08.02 Pitchfork gives the new album an amazing review here.

01.08.02 Lost At Sea review here.

09.09.01 Jeff and Rob are playing in their new band "The Red & The Black" with Tim Lauben (Huffy, My Own Sweet) and Mike Esper. They've been playing shows and plan to record an EP in December. Check 'em out at

09.09.01 Danny's new band is "The Big Sleep". Check 'em out here.

04.10.01 Rob is currently playing in Cherubino, soon to release an EP on The Self-Starter Foundation.

04.10.01 Haywood have broken up, but you can see their last show ever in New York City right here on Digital Club Network.

These New Yorkers-by-way-of-Philadelphia exercise the principle of control. Control, but not necessarily restraint. You could try to peg them as from the Archers Of Loaf camp, or from the Modest Mouse camp, or even from the camps of Pavement, The Replacements, The Promise Ring, or Rick Springfield, but you'd be wrong every time. These guys put the craft of songwriting ahead of all else, and their performances have proven that they can more than pull it off live.

"Button Up, Buttercup"
"The Kids Are Taking Aim"

"We Are Amateurs, You And I"
Catalog number: PSP 015
Track listing: click here
Release date will be: 10.23.01

The posthumous release. The swansong, if you will...

"Men Called Him Mister"
Catalog number: PSP 008
Track listing: click here
Release date: 09.14.99

You could say this record took 7 years to make. And believe it or not, it was worth the wait. Fine quality guitar rock the likes of which hasn't been seen or heard in, well, 7 years.

no more, no more...sadly, no more.

Watch the webcasts of a few of their shows on Digital Club Network.

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