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12.11.03 IMPORTANT UPDATE! There was a manufacturing defect in the first pressing of The 101 EP. We thought we held back shipment of all of the incorrect copies of the record, but it has come to our attention that some copies of the defective CD have made their way into record stores. We are very sorry for this, and would like to make proper amends to anybody that purchased this record. Please send the defective CD (just the CD itself... not the artwork / jewel case) back to us at the address on the About Us page, send us an email to this address which includes your mailing address (just to give us a head's up), and we'll send you back a) the proper version of The 101 cd, b) $1 to cover your postage and c) a little something for your trouble. The Self-Starter Foundation would like to apologize to The 101 and all of their fans for this mistake.

12.07.03 Pitchfork News is excited about The 101. Read it here.

09.20.03 Check out MTV's new commercial featuring "6/8" on the air right now! (it's the one with the kid driving his parents car to the mall).

04.10.03 The 101 are the newest member of The Self-Starter Foundation family!

The 101 is the new band of Eric Richter, formerly of Christie Front Drive and Antarctica. A tight power-trio, The 101 bring to mind classic Buffalo Tom as much as Christie Front Drive.


The 101
Catalog number: PSP 028
Track listing: click here
Release date: 12.02.03

A powerful debut.

06.04.04 Brooklyn, NY at Trash w/ Jet By Day, The Assault

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